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Property Management Specialist in Melbourne
Properties by Kincaid
Property Management Specialist in Melbourne
Lisa Galo, Senior Property Manager at Kincaid

Lisa Gallo is our accomplished Senior Property Manager with a passion for delivering exceptional service to both rental providers and renters. With a focus on ensuring a positive experience for all parties involved, Lisa's determination shines through in every aspect of her work. Her approachable and warm personality, combined with an unwavering attention to detail, allows her to forge lasting impressions with clients and colleagues alike.

Drawing from her extensive knowledge of Reservoir and the surrounding inner Northern Melbourne suburbs, Lisa is a valuable addition to our Properties team. Her deep understanding of the local market dynamics enables her to navigate complexities with ease, ensuring optimal outcomes for customers.

Seamless Property Management Specialist in Melbourne


With a strong commitment to outstanding customer service, Lisa consistently goes above and beyond to help clients achieve the best results possible. Her industry experience and dedication make her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking a seamless and rewarding property management experience.   

Lisa Gallo  |  E:  |  P: 0460 352 822


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