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house and land builder in Melbourne
Invest by Kincaid


Kincaid Constructions are B2B builders who specialise in building investment homes, on exclusively acquired land, chosen for high yield rental income, and wealth creation. 

We create fixed price, house, and land packages in Melbourne's growth corridors, and deliver full turn key homes, with beautiful inclusions, ready to collect rental income.

Alfresco House Floorplan


In creating the right floor plan, we recognise that times today have changed. Our lifestyles are different from the way things were decades ago, which has impacted on the way we live inside and out. At Kincaid Constructions, we’re at the forefront of change.

builder who specialises in investment properties
Boutique homes and developments.


With commanding street presence, our facades range from being classically styled to simply suburban. All available in a range of colour schemes that meet the strictest developer guidelines and council standards, no matter which suburb or estate they are built in.


At Kincaid our standard inclusions from trusted brands and premium suppliers deliver a superior level of quality, sophistication and comfort that others consider upgrades.

Our material choices, curated by Bergman & Co, are inspired by  the natural Australian landscape.  The result—our houses feel warm and considered at every level.


We automatically build features into every home that make it visually appealing, whilst demanding the highest rental yields from that market. From higher ceiling heights to thicker than normal Ceasar Stone in all our kitchens, our houses are built to last.


We’ve hand-picked the right inclusions that balance quality and value for money.

Kincaid Constructions House Design Inclusions


We acquire new sites every day and the stocklist is updated on a daily basis. From within our stocklist, you will find a great range of investment options for all your property presentations.

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Kincaid Constructions is a development contractor that offers architectural and civil engineering



We take the time to get out of the car and walk the streets to find the best locations. We get to know the neighbourhoods; what’s thriving, and where’s diving. Once we’ve targeted a suburb, there’s an ever-growing list of new estates to choose from. But what the glossy brochures don’t give you is the whole story. Not sure when that promised train line will be delivered? Or if that new school will be built? It’s our job to unravel the words behind the gloss and dig up the dirt. Our industry knowledge means we’re highly informed with contacts all over Melbourne, so we only invest in the best opportunities. It’s through active due diligence that we can confidently deliver you the true facts and figures, and then the best advice.



We identify the best lot within the best estate, and work backwards from there. We’ve seen a few over the years, and trust us, they’re not all the same. Whether it’s access to excellent amenity, proximity to parkland, schools or centres of employment, we look at the big picture and will drive the deal on your behalf, to ensure you’re getting a prized position within your chosen estate. Because when you’re in the market to invest, you’ve got a lot on the line.



Once we've found the perfect lot, we pair it with the best floorplan to suit the space, maximising the lot to its full potential. In creating our selection of floor plans, we recognise that times today have changed. Our lifestyles are different from the way things were decades ago, which has impacted on the way we live inside and outside our houses for better or worse. At Kincaid Constructions, we’re at the forefront of change. We understand the ‘why’ behind demographic, cultural and social changes, and the new ways people are thinking, acting and behaving to influence housing configurations. From the size of our living spaces to walk-in robes, to open plan designs, we’ve done the homework, and have adapted to what buyers really want. 

Kincaid Constructions


Despite being in lock-down and unable to monitor the progress and quality of construction work. I was sceptic, but Kincaid came through on all their commitments. Kincaid were prompt in their response. Though there were delays in settling their invoice by the bank, they were very accommodating and patient. I highly recommend them for any upcoming projects of yours.

- Avril

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